Best Kettlebell Workout

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Working out with a kettlebell is a great way to combine strength, endurance, and cardiovascular training into a single exercise routine. Exercising with a kettlebell allows for a greater range of motion, and therefore a greater variety of exercises, than dumbbells.

The center of gravity on a kettlebell shifts as you lift it, working out your core and improving balance as you train. Because the kettlebell is so efficient as exercising multiple muscle groups while fulfilling multiple objectives — such and endurance, cardio, balance, and flexibility training — you can complete a full workout regimen in less time than you could with dumbbells or complicated machines.

best kettlebell workoutA kettlebell can be used for wide range of exercises. Your exact routine will depend on your general fitness level, your strength, and your objectives. The best kettlebell workout will be one that works multiple muscle groups, lets you keep your heart rate up, and takes advantage of the unique characteristics of the kettlebell.

It is always a good idea to work with a program, especially when beginning a new regimen or learning to use new equipment. A training familiar with kettlebell workouts can teach you new exercises and instruct you in proper techniques, letting you get the most out of your workout while avoiding injury.

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The following suggestions and exercises can get you started toward the best kettlebell workout for you:

It’s got to have that swing.  The kettlebell is uniquely suited for exercises that require a broad swinging motion. A simple kettlebell swing involves starting with the bell between your legs, feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.

Using your back and hips, thrust the bell forward in one smooth motion, until it is chest high with your arms fully extended. You can perform this exercise with both hands, or use one hand at a time.

Assume the position  Several exercises require holding the kettlebell in what is known as “rack” position. In rack position, you begin with your elbow bent at your side. Keep your palm facing inward. The bell should rest on your arm at chest level. From this position, you lift the bell straight over your head and bring it back down.

You can also hold the bell in rack position while doing squats. Many people find this to be less stressful for their wrists than using dumbbells for extra weight while performing squats.

Combo moves  The kettlebell lets you combine motions in a way that isn’t always possible when using other equipment. Combining exercises lets you keep your heart rate elevated saves times while working out.

Performing exercises that require more complex motions also comes closer to mimicking ordinary activity, helping you to build practical strength. One simple combo move is to hold the bell between your legs, lift straight up to your chest, flip your elbow into rack position, lift the bell above your head, then bring it back down.

Keep you back straight, but don’t lock your knees. Keep your motion slow but smooth.

These tips and basic exercises with a kettlebell will help you build strength, balance, and endurance.

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